ProX 2-Stroke Pistons



ProX 2-Stroke Pistons: Affordable OEM Performance


Despite what gear heads might think, two-strokes are not dead. While manufacturers abandoned two-strokes for use in professional motocross racing a decade ago, there is a contingent of enthusiasts still clinging to their beloved ring-a-ding-ding machine. Add in the fact that KTM released a line of fuel-injected two-strokes last year, and it appears that there’s a groundswell of interest for this technology. Two-strokes are once again cool.

While two-strokes are coming back into fashion, ProX has never left the scene. The brand has remained committed to advancing two-stroke performance through technology by way of research and development. That, of course, costs a judicious use of funding. That’s admirable, given how four-strokes gobbled up market share. Most OEMs either halted two-stroke production or recycled aged designs. ProX has remained true to the course.

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