Meet Mai Hooglugt: Instagram Influencer Takes DIY to the Fast Lane with S2000 Engine Build!


In the world of motorsports, where precision, passion, and power converge, Mai Hooglugt stands as a shining example of determination and skill. This captivating influencer isn't just turning heads with her striking looks; she's also captivating audiences with her prowess in metalworking, welding, and racing. Mai's latest venture, however, transcends the realm of aesthetics and dives deep into the heart of automotive craftsmanship: she's building her own K24 Honda S2000 from the ground up.

What sets Mai apart is her unwavering commitment to hands-on excellence. As a skilled metalworker and welder, she's accustomed to manipulating raw materials into works of art. Now, she's channeling that same expertise into transforming her S2000 into a high-performance marvel. With each weld and every meticulously placed component, Mai is not only crafting a machine; she's crafting a legacy.



Partnering with Race Winning Brands Europe adds an extra layer of excitement and expertise to Mai's ambitious project. With access to top-tier engine components and technical support from the industry's leading experts, Mai's S2000 build is poised to reach new heights of performance and reliability. This collaboration underscores Mai's dedication to excellence and her relentless pursuit of automotive perfection.

But Mai's journey isn't just about building a car; it's about pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes. In a male-dominated industry, she's breaking barriers and proving that skill knows no gender. Her passion for racing fuels her determination, propelling her forward with each twist of the wrench and every lap on the track.

As Mai Hooglugt's K24 Honda S2000 takes shape, it's more than just a car; it's a testament to the power of determination, craftsmanship, and collaboration. With Race Winning Brands Europe by her side, Mai is ready to unleash the full potential of her vision and leave a lasting impression on the world of motorsports. Stay tuned as Mai Hooglugt's journey unfolds, because when beauty meets horsepower, anything is possible.